About our company

IQM, s.r.o. was established in 1993 and its main program was aimed at CNC dividing machines. A year later, the co-operation with the association of MicroStep Group companies started, which representation presently is in 50 countries of the world through 4 subsidiary companies and 35 authorised dealers.

The principal priority of company's philosophy is individual access to customer. Wide range and modular construction of our cutting machines enables to fulfil the specific customer's requirements related to machine dimensions, cutting type, accessories etc. Individuality is even more  emphasized at the production of single-purpose machines, robotized workplaces and automated  lines, which are exactly said „tailor-made“. Close connection between construction and assembly helps to improve our machines so that they were accurate, reliable, with simple operation and maintenance.

At the present time totally 1160 various types cutting equipments of Microstep Group operates world-wide besides North America and Australia. Our cutting machines operate in small operations but also in significant machine companies, where they operate in non-stop operations.

Our aim from long-term aspect is a production of top quality machines, in which the newest trends and technologies are reflected.